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   Wedding Hair In Provence

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Hi, I’m Carol,

Hairstyling for weddings is my passion. I am an American, and ran my own hairdressing business in America for over twenty years. I trained extensively in America and London.

I moved to the South of France with my beautiful husband Greg and our dog a few years ago. This is where I started my new business, Wedding Hair in Provence. I am now recognized as an experienced, creative, and highly skilled wedding hair stylist. Also, I know what it takes to nurture, and consult brides leading up to and during their wedding day.

Working with brides from all over the world, I’ve learned that it’s not just about the hair, it’s about calming pre-wedding nerves, tearful parents, excitable bridal parties and sometimes even beloved family pets.

Thoroughly professional, I am also friendly, fun and very flexible. I love contributing to the excitement of every bride’s unique and special day. It would be my pleasure to share in yours.

Carol Ray Bonnet

Email: [email protected]